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Part 1 and Part 2 are individually and solely responsible for the correct payment. B/in a timely/correct tax; under this agreement, in accordance with/in accordance with/in accordance with/in accordance with/in accordance with/in accordance with/in accordance with/in accordance with/in accordance with the laws in force in Ukrainian/Ukrainian/Ukrainian law/of Ukraine Ukraine Law/Ukraine./in accordance with/in accordance with/in accordance with/in accordance with the laws in force in Ukrainian/Ukrainian law/Ukraine/Ukraine law./Ukraine law. (d) to the extent that the case of force majeure affects a substantial part. B of this agreement for a period of thirty (30) days, any aggrieved party is allowed to denounce the agreement by communicating the denunciation to another party. No party is liable for delay, damages or otherwise in the event of termination under this article (a) This agreement is executed in two copies for each party; Each copy of the agreement is in English and Ukrainian language and is identical in terms of meaning. The Ukrainian text z.B is a priority for the interpretation of this agreement; Or the absence of a counter-clause does not in itself invalidate any agreement that the parties execute through separate counterparties. However, a counter-clause may help prevent a party from arguing that an agreement is not binding because there is not a copy signed by all parties or because they did not know that they are entering into a binding contract by signing an agreement that was not signed by the other parties. References to a statute must be interpreted as references to a statute as amended or enacted or amended by another statute (before or after the date of this Agreement) and include all provisions whose reactions are (with or without amendment) and include subordinate legal provisions adopted under the corresponding/corresponding/corresponding/due/due law; Oppositions are also useful when the parties to an agreement want to ensure that each copy of the agreement is recognized as original. Parties often require more than an original copy of an agreement for tax, regulatory or other purposes. Technically, all parties, when executing a certain number of copies of the same document, are more duplicates than counter-parties, and, as a result, some lawyers also refer to duplicates in the counterparty clause. (f) This agreement was written in English and Ukrainian and executed in two copies (two) with the same legal force and authenticity. In the event of a discrepancy between the Ukrainian and English texts of this agreement, preference will be given to the English text. (b) Subject to the following sentence, Part 1 ensures that all services provided under this contract will be provided with the required expertise, diligence and due diligence, appropriately and professionally and in accordance with previous practice; Contracts and simple acts are often executed in the opposite stages.

This means that each contracting party signs separate but identical copies of the same document. The signed copies together form a single binding agreement. All documents relating to the implementation of this agreement are forwarded to the other party at its address as indicated in the agreement. Simple contracts and documents generally contain a clause expressly authorizing the execution of the document in return. However, an act requires an additional execution formality that goes beyond a simple signature.