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As a general rule, when a water leak is caused by a water leak, the customer`s right to loss or damage is first taken into account in the leakage clause for the water risk of his insurance policy. This generally has the advantage for the client to include a smaller policy surplus. You`ll find more information about it below on how we`re going to sink. The characteristic of the lowering is the differential movement, that is, different parts of the building move at different speeds. This is not the case with a tally, except that: the new insurer says that the damage caused by the downgrade predates its policy and should therefore be covered by the previous insurer, but the previous insurer disagrees. The movement of the ground can affect the land on which a building is located, under its foundations. Heave, landslip, subdivision and subsidence can cause damage to a property and upset its owners or occupants. Most of the new buildings will be installed within the first few years of construction. This sometimes results in over-construction cracks and concerns about cuts. However, as long as the building moves evenly, there should be no structural problems or serious damage.

Each property will eventually suffer from cracks, especially those built using traditional methods. The cracking itself is not evidence of subsidence. It can be caused by a number of other things that are often uninsured, including: Clay shrinkage is one of the most common causes of subsidence. Clay consists of about 30% to 35% water, so the earth can dry out with a high clay content, due to the nearby vegetation that sucks up water, especially during long and hot summers. The volume of the soil decreases and the foundations of the building sink. Claims Assist Ireland offers a turnkey solution for lowering insurance coverage with our team of specialists who include national statisticians and DRAIN CCTV surveys to first determine the cause of the building movement. In addition, there is a written report that can be presented to insurance companies of claims settlement companies and their engineer. This can be a long and slow process, as their appointed engineer chooses the evidence and usually represents problems, or obstacles that our team must overcome on your behalf. The ultimate goal is to obtain liability authorization from your insurers or to enter into negotiations until we reach an agreement. Our national team of claims and construction experts guarantees that you receive the maximum amount of billing for your claim – your reduction damage and damage to buildings is repaired by the best outsourcing repair contractors.