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You will most likely update the PRL to switch first on T-Mobile LTE instead of US Cellular or AT-T for LTE. You`ll probably have to keep Verizon for 1xRTT roaming. Apart from that, we need a new PRL, so as soon as we see that the tests start 🙂 In the images you`ve shared, you can see that Sprint is displayed in the network list, your device won`t let you survey if it can record a signal with the home network. You have to be in a situation where T-Mobile is the only provider, except maybe AT-T or Verizon, which appears in network search, and of course, your device is updated to allow roaming on T-Mobile. While this roaming agreement can be emotional instantly, it may take a little time, not too sure, for all devices capable of getting the necessary update so they can switch to T-Mobile. There`s a good chance that roaming will work, because you need to be completely outside sprint`s network coverage because your device can`t find a Sprint connection when searching manually. And of course, any other network Sprint could work with could get a higher priority over T-Mobile roaming, basically, a place where the only roaming partner is T-Mobile. Good luck, even this is purely speculative based on the personal experience of roaming with different airlines, including US Cellular, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT-T and Verizon, I have a lot of experience roaming why these carriers can`t fill the gaps in their coverage. You only get T-Mobile if there is NOT a Sprint LTE signal. Even a very low sprint signal doesn`t mean TMO roaming.

I tried to go back and forth with different levels and service plans. Sprint I tried unlimited business freedom, and one of the free byod plans; with T-Mobile, I used a business line and a Tmo One line. I changed apNs (r.ispsn/fast.t-mobile.com) also in the graphical interface, the radio wouldn`t even connect after the changes, but I had to insure. I selected Tmo only groups (2/4/5 here) and sprint groups (26/25 here). Nothing, nada, no homelessness yet. Sprint customers, in order to gain extensive roaming access to the T-Mobile network, are easy with plans that allow you to use your mobile device while traveling outside the United States. Learn more on this page, or check out our international roaming site for prices and additional information. I`m just in a 0 sprint and roaming zone on Verizon 1X for language and AT-T LTE for data on an iPhone X with the “newest” PRL.

No T-Mobile roaming yet. When is it going to start? I`m roaming on Verizon 1X and ATT LTE right now. If you block all international roaming, you will no longer be able to view, text or use data for the selected line while roaming outside the United States. You can continue to use Wi-Fi for calls and text; additional fees may be charged. Please contact us if you are not sure how much indoor roaming data you have, as this varies between our many plans. Even for those unaware of it, the T-Mobile Sprint roaming agreement, announced as part of today`s merger announcement, is a roaming agreement for Sprint customers, which is expected to move to T-Mobile for four years, and acts immediately, in fact right now, whether the merger is completed or not. Admittedly, this is a springboard for network integration using sprint devices that are able to respond to the conference call is 20 million Sprint devices ready to be used on the T-Mobile network full time, once the agreement approved by the supervisory authorities and finally finalized. If you are roaming in the U.S., you`ll receive a free SMS usage warning to let you know if you`ve used 80% of your monthly data roaming on standard networks and another if you reach 100%. We also let you know when you approach and reach the end of the high-speed data available as a courtesy on your favorite networks. In addition, T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray stated during the appeal