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In the event of inconsistency between this agreement and other agreements signed by the buyer`s duly accredited representatives and Shell with respect to the purchase of products by the purchaser, the terms of the latter agreement apply. Each party acknowledges that it did not rely on a pre-contract statement, assurance or commitment to approve the conclusion of this agreement. Unless otherwise written agreement, product and/or service prices are Shell`s current price list for the corresponding product and/or service. The product collected by Shell at the buyer`s request will be credited to the invoice price, unless otherwise agreed with Shell. The buyer is also responsible for the relevant costs, as shell has indicated from time to time in writing. If the buyer requires Shell to assume mandatory share obligations on the part of the purchaser, this is subject to separate agreements and fees. “Promises of delivery” refers to any Shell brochure (which can be updated and delivered to the buyer from time to time) that relates to product delivery and contains details such as order processes, delivery times, minimum orders and discounts. The goods are put up for sale under the terms of this agreement. Previous transactions, if any, between the buyer and the seller or their parties will never ask the terms of this agreement and the buyer`s acceptance of the goods is conclusive evidence before a court or arbitration proceeding that these conditions apply. All products and/or services are provided in accordance with Shell`s following terms and conditions of sale (“CGV”) and, if applicable, the promise of delivery and all agreements to which these CGVs are attached and included by reference (together). Without restriction, place an order (which will be accepted later by Shell) and/or raise and/or accept the product means acceptance of this Agreement and cancel all other conditions submitted by the Buyer. This agreement (including all annexes and annexes, as well as all other documents included in this agreement) constitutes the entire agreement between Shell and the purchaser and replaces all previous agreements, pre-contract statements, assurances, agreements, conditions and agreements, whether orally or in writing between the parties with respect to their purpose, unless otherwise stated. general terms and conditions for the supply to the United Arab Emirates of Shell-brand bitumen products and services in the United Arab Emirates (d) any unforeseen decommissioning or decommissioning in anticipation of a failure or malfunction affecting the installation or source of product supply; or Shell may fulfil its obligations under this agreement by providing a different formulation of the variety ordered or replacing that variety with another product or, if that variety is ordered under a brand or sold under a brand, another product or product with another brand, provided that the product is, after substitution, appropriate in all material circumstances to be adapted to the known purposes of the customer as the original product.

All bank fees of the buyer`s bank related to this agreement are on behalf of the buyer. (a) this agreement applies only to the order and supply of individual products or services between Shell and the purchaser and should not be construed as conferring a permanent relationship or long-term contract between the purchaser and Shell; and (c) any unavailability or disruption of the usual means of transport of the products to Shell`s point of supply; or no party may cede or transfer this agreement and has no other interests without the prior written consent of the other party, which cannot be improperly withheld.